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The Life Cycle of a Group

Every group, whether a team, a small group or a community group, develops over a period of time, formulating its unique identity and personality. Each group goes through phases of development or stages of “growing up”. What phase is your group in?

Preparing For a Comfortable Group Launch

Your first meeting isn’t about perfection or good impressions. It’s about being authentic, inviting and being like Jesus – setting the foundation for meaningful connection and relationships.

7 Ways to Fill Your New Group

So you’re starting a group at Central. Now you’re wondering, how do I fill my group with the people who need it most?

The 4 Group Types

There are 4 kinds of groups at Central… Which one is best for you?

How to Get Group Members Talking

Are you launching a new group? Are new people in your group feeling awkward about not knowing anyone? Do you find your group members always talk about the same things? Is your group time getting cliquey?

Tracking Attendance Through the Lead App

As a group leader, you have access to the LEAD. App as a convenient way to stay in touch with your group members and fill in your meeting and attendance reports.

Planning Your Group’s First Year

As a group leader, you don’t need to micromanage everyone’s spiritual growth, but you do need to make a plan. This checklist will help you steer your group toward your destination.

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