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Thank you for taking an interest in volunteering at Central! We are incredibly grateful that you would consider sharing your talent and time with those in our community!


On this page you’ll find all you need to know about our volunteer process.

You’re just 4 steps away 😃 .

1. Area

Firstly, have a think about which area you’d like to volunteer in – where are your strengths? What do you enjoy? Is there an area you’d like to grow in?

Still got questions? Email our Volunteer Co-Ordinator who’d be happy to help you find an area that will best suit you.

Areas Available

2. Complete Application

Once you have an idea of where you’d like to serve, please fill in our Volunteer Application form and we’ll send you a confirmation email to ensure you that your form is being processed.
If you’re already volunteering but would like to change the area – Fill our our Area Change Form
Alternatively, if you’d prefer a paper copy of our application – you can pick one up at the white Connections wall in the lobby.

New Volunteer Application Form

3. Attend Training

Once we’ve received your application, sit tight! We’ll be in touch directly with you to arrange your Training Session. As a church, we value the safety and security of all of our attendees, especially our children and vulnerable adults.

Therefore, it is required that all volunteers attend a Training Session on a Sunday morning to learn more about your role in creating a safe, secure, and happy environment for our programs.

4. Police Check

Lastly, all volunteers are required to complete a Police Background Check form – which you’ll be given at your training session. It can take several weeks for your Police Check to be returned to you. Once you have received it:

Please bring in your police check to us at the big white Connections wall in the lobby.

And that’s it!

Your ministry lead will be in touch with you when your Application and Police Check have been processed.

At this time, you’ll get an opportunity to meet with your Ministry Lead and discuss your schedule, strengths and interests.





I don’t have any experience in volunteering – can I still apply?

                                Yes, absolutely! This is a great place to get started as we walk you through the process and train you in an area you’re interested in. AND there are so many different areas to explore – we want you to find one that you love to serve in!


I’m super busy and I’m worried about overloading my schedule – what are the time commitments like?

                               We can totally appreciate that! Fortunately, each role has its own flexible time commitments. Some roles are as little as one hour per month, and some are much more involved. There are opportunities to serve at one or all three service times on a Sunday, but we also have mid-week opportunities, and even some roles that are completed from home! Begin by assessing your available time and which days work best for you, and then we can explore your fit better.


Why does everyone require a police check to volunteer at Central?


                               It is our desire to create a safe space for our community to grow in faith, and part of that is creating a standard of care that everyone values and upholds. So, we require all volunteers to complete a screening process which requires abuse prevention training and a police check. It is a high priority for us to protect the vulnerable individuals within our community, and we’re here to equip you to do just that!

What happens if I don’t enjoy the area of volunteering I’ve signed up for?

               That’s totally OK! We have many different opportunities available and would love to walk with you through the journey of finding your best fit. You can connect with us by emailing


Is it possible to change the area I’m volunteering in if I’d like to try something new?

Absolutely! You can fill out our Area Change Form here.



Any remaining questions, please contact our Volunteer Co-Ordinator, who’d be more than happy to help you at her earliest convenience.