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Why Start an Official Group?

Why Start an Official Group?

By Jonathan Gallo

You may have started out simply wanting to have people over and talk through scripture or share an activity together.  You want to invite others and have wondered, “Why would I have to jump through so many steps just to have my group become official?” Maybe you’re wondering if it’s really worth it. Here are four reasons why going through the process of becoming an official group is a benefit to you and your group.

  1. Support – There are a variety of areas that all leaders – including group leaders need support:
    • Group Dynamics – Find the support to help deal with difficult attenders and sticky situations that come up in all groups.
    • Care – Pastors on staff can offer pastoral counselling and referrals out to long term counsellors and community services.
    • Theological Support – Get the support you need to help answer the difficult questions that you face.
    • Spiritual Support – Obtain an outside voice to help filter what you are sensing to provide balance and direction.
    • Service Options – Get the support to connect your group to a variety of mission options through Central or outside agencies.
  2. Protection –
    • Legal Protection – You leave yourself open to personal liability when you do it on your own.
    • Spiritual Protection – Accountability and submission are Biblical principals that provides protection and offers you great freedom.
  3. Longevity –
    • Transition Support – Groups don’t last forever.  As a group leader, where do you send people when you are no longer able to lead?  We have the ability to help you transition your group when that happens.
    • Growth – Our role as leaders is to see people mature so they can help others.  With the long view in mind, we can help you transition and train potential group leaders into new groups.
  4. Community
    • Connect – grow with other leaders as you learn together
    • Resources – get access to more resources to help serve your group

Thinking about starting a group or making it official?  Find out here.