The 4 Group Types

If you didn’t know anyone at Central but wanted to get to know others, in what kind of environment would you feel most comfortable?

If you knew you needed to be with others in order to grow spiritually and wrestle through life’s questions, in what kind of group environment would you feel at ease?

Four Kinds of Groups for You at Central

At Central, we realize we each have unique personalities, needs for connection, spiritual growth and restoration in different seasons of our lives. We also recognize people feel more confident joining a group when they have an idea of what to expect.

That’s why any new group we begin will be one of these four types.


Community Groups

Designed to be welcoming, friendly spaces for groups of 15 – 60 people, Community Groups begin with large group interaction but also meet around tables to provide the safe feeling of small group conversation.

These groups generally meet in eight-week semesters three times a year. This rhythm helps participants become intentional in their group commitment for a concentrated time, but also have the freedom to build relationships on their own outside of the group during the low-key months.


Based on location: North St. Catharines, Thorold, Grimsby, South Coast of Niagara

Special demographics: Families with Young Children; Senior High; Junior High; Young Adults; Men; Women.


Small / Home Groups

Groups of 6 – 18 people who meet in homes or public locations throughout the year. Over time people in these groups build relationships, serve in mission together, support each other in difficult times, study the Bible, encourage each other through challenges with grace, biblical truth and accountability. These small groups are often limited to the size of someone’s living room, and provide intimacy for spiritual growth that often creates life-long impact.

LifeGroups meet from September through June weekly, or bi-weekly, or in 8 week semesters.


Couples, men, women, parents of teens, young adults, mixed, empty-nesters, etc.


Interest groups

These groups of 6 to 20 people meet in casual environments to get to know people over a shared interest and for meaningful conversation.

Because of the nature of these groups, they might meet over a short-term, seasonally or be ongoing.


Mountain biking, classic cars, fixing cars, walking, art, hiking, hockey, guy’s Monday night football.


Support groups

These groups of 6 to 30 people meet for over a specific topic or area where support is needed beyond the capacity of what another group can offer.

Depending on the depth of support offered, these groups run for 8 weeks, 12 weeks or 10 months. The leaders of these groups are either experts or professionals in that field or are qualified leaders who have been through their own healing journey and have a compassionate heart for those who are walking through a similar experience.


-Made to Flourish
-DivorceCare for individuals wanting to heal and rebuild their lives after separation or divorce
-DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) for children ages 5-12 who have been impacted by divorce or separation
-GriefShare for those who are grieving the passing of a loved one
Freedom for anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired from baggage such as depression, dysfunctional relationships, anger, fear, worry, addiction
-Realign Your Finances for anyone who wants to take practical, biblical steps towards financial peace and freedom.


The other (fifth) kind of group environment is more a classroom style, with teaching and questions and answers. These discipleship classes offer a space to explore and understand the foundational principles of our belief and faith in Jesus. The three eight-week courses Central offers are:

This series of interactive sessions engages people in open, honest conversations about faith, life and Jesus – no matter where you are in your faith journey.

Believe: My Part and God’s Part in Spiritual Growth
In this class, you will discover very practical tools to grow in your faith.  You will be helped to understand the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and how to make sense of what you read for yourself.  You will learn how to pray and connect with God in order to hear Him.  You will also learn other principles that unlock joy in your faith journey from these two foundational practices. As you discover God’s character and nature and how He interacts with us as Saviour, Father, and Holy Spirit you will become aware of Him guiding you.

Creed: This course is designed to give you an introduction to theology – whether you are new to faith or have been in church for a while. Following the Nicene Creed we unpack the theology of God, Creation, Salvation, The Church, The Future, etc.


Getting started

To register for any of these groups or classes, browse through the search tool at

If you’re curious about starting a group, this post will show you how to get started.

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