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Planning Your Group’s First Year

As a group leader, you don’t need to micromanage everyone’s spiritual growth, but you do need to make a plan. This checklist will help you steer your group toward your destination.


  • Stay connected to God.
  • Focus on relationships.
    • Make sure everyone has each other’s contact information.
    • Plan regular socials.
    • Schedule times to meet one-on-one with each group member or couple.
    • Get to know your group members.
  • Share tasks with your group members:
    • Hosting meetings
    • Bringing snacks
    • Sending emails to group members
    • Planning socials
    • Planning service projects
  • Decide what you’ll study
    • What kind of study will help them take next steps in your spiritual growth?
    • Focus on studies that cover growing in relationship with God, with people, with those who need to know God.
  • Chat with your area pastor for
  • Do a service project together.
  • Cast vision that the long-term goal of the group is to grow, transition or multiply



  • Stay connected to God.
  • Continue to focus on relationships.
  • Name and celebrate growth in group members.
  • Decide together who and how you’ll serve on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, or three times each year).
  • Start talking about the end of the group.
  • Identify potential future leaders, invite them into leadership, and begin sharing responsibilities:
    • Facilitating group discussions
    • Connecting one-on-one with group members
    • Helping select group studies
    • Attending leadership development opportunities



  • Stay connected to God.
  • Continue to focus on relationships.
  • Keep having conversations about group growth and multiplication so more people can experience the good things you’ve experienced in a group
  • Create a plan to expand, transition or multiply:
    • Look for others who would benefit from being in your group
    • Look for leadership potential within your group
    • Consider geography and relational chemistry when making decisions about how the group could multiply or expand
    • Invite your area pastor into the process
    • Involve everyone in the decision-making
    • Be open and transparent along the way

Every group has season and a life cycle, and not all of them are easy. You will be stretched personally and spiritually in the journey, and your area pastor and groups team are ready and willing to walk this journey with you.

Which stage are you at in this journey?