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Why We Track Attendance


As a group leader, one of your responsibilities is to record attendance and ensure a meeting summary is filled out online after every time your group meets. But why is this two-minute task so important?

Here are three reasons:


Filling in your attendance list gives you the frequent opportunity to view your group list weekly. If you have a new larger group, checking off the names on your list can you remember their names. It reminds you who hasn’t attended, so you make sure someone in your group is reaching out to them. Over time, you can pull reports that look at patterns that can help you ask valuable questions that can you become a healthy group.

How often do new people come to your group and return? What compels them to come back? Why didn’t they come back?

Who missed a meeting and would want to be updated on prayer requests or discussion points?

Who used to come hand hasn’t in a while. Has anyone in your group reached out to them to check-in or build a relationship?

What names could be taken off the list or followed up on by a pastor?

Which meetings of the year draw your highest attendance?

When in the season do numbers drop off? Why is that?


By tracking who is connected in groups, and who has been coming regularly, the leadership team of Central knows who isn’t. Knowing this helps the leadership discern and plan for the needs that aren’t being met yet.


Each group at Central is linked to an easy-to-use online tool to communicate with the group’s online pastor. The ideal report submitted to your area pastor after each meeting will include

  • who attended
  • names and contact info of any newcomers who want to be part of the group
  • a brief summary of the topic and dynamics of your meeting
  • any changes in upcoming meetings
  • prayer requests or questions you want to share with the pastor

Imagine how helpful this to share with the pastor you is supporting you in your leadership and as a disciple-maker! Knowing this information on a regular basis, helps your pastor discern how to pray for you, reminds them of what challenges or celebrations you might be experiencing – especially if they have a lot of groups to follow up with.

As well, the statistics pulled from every group are compiled in an annual report to our Partners and for projecting the necessary resources needed for the next 3-5 years.


For more information about how to fill out meeting reports for your group, connect with your area pastor or explore this article.



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