Find A Group For You

Whether you are looking for a time, place, demographic, support, community or have a particular interest we are committed to helping you find a group that works for you! Let's get started!


Groups are where people get to know others and grow spiritually. Whatever your story, style, season of life or interest, there’s a place for you.


Community groups are gatherings of 10 – 70 people who meet in public environments three times a year in 8 week semesters. Anyone in the designated demographic is welcome to come at any time.

Home groups are gatherings  of 6 – 18 people who usually meet in homes on a regular basis throughout the year.

Interest groups are casual environments to get to know people over a shared interest and for meaningful conversation.

Support groups are offered to help you navigate the difficult seasons of life beyond what can be offered in other groups. These groups run for 8 – 12 weeks once or twice during the year.

Get Connected

If you would like to start a group or get some personal help with finding a group that works for you don’t hesitate to contact us.