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Inviting people to a life that matters

It's almost time for...

Easter at Central

...and we're pretty excited about it!

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Our vision is simple: Inviting People to a Life that Matters


In order to accomplish our vision, a set of core values were established to serve as guard rails and guide posts on our journey. They remind us of what is important and keep us rallied around a common vision.
They speak to what is really important to us:

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The 4 Group Types

There are 4 kinds of groups at Central... Which one is best for you?

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21 Days of Prayer | Day 21

Do you ever feel like you have made a mistake that you will never recover from? Do you feel like you have been labeled and that every time people think of you, they think of what you did in the past? Do you ever feel like you have been defined by a past situation and it is paralyzing you from experiencing something good in the present? Have you lost hope for your future?

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21 Days of Prayer | Day 20

Imagine you were just fired from your Job! In the wake of this event, all these feelings of rejection, failure and hopelessness begin to surround you. You keep playing over scenarios in your head of how things could or should have been different. Amidst the stress and the heartache, you miss an email in your inbox from an old friend.

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21 Days of Prayer | Day 19

I moved to Banff at age twenty with two suitcases and a heart full of shame. While other young adults flocked to this town for skiing, drugs, and drinking, I only wanted to reconnect with God and the identity I had lost figuring out life on my own.

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