Groups At Central

As a church, our purpose is to help people connect with God and others.

The purpose of a group is to help people strengthen these connections and be growing disciples.

This reflects our desire to follow a command of Jesus when He said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20).

A Growing Disciple is someone whose relationship with Jesus is impacting every area of their life.  They are taking specific steps to intentionally grow in one or more of the following areas: Community, Discipleship, Serving, and Mission.

Groups – create environments where people can be a Growing Disciple.

Community – find others you can build meaningful relationships with

Discipleship – learn to put God first and grow in understanding who God is and who He has made you to be.

Serving – see and respond to needs around you by using your spiritual gifts, passion, personality, and natural abilities.

Mission – help make your world a better place and reach out to others with the love of Jesus.

We have many different types of groups to help you find one that fits your needs. Below you will find a description of each group type and the option to search for a group by that area, night or type.

If you need help finding the right fit at any time, email our team at, and someone will be more than happy to get you started.

Small Groups

Small Groups are a more intimate gathering of 6-15 people who regularly meet in homes or other settings throughout the year. Small Groups are made up of married couples, singles, women’s groups and men’s groups. Whatever stage of life you are in, we have a small group for you. These groups meet different nights of the week and may meet weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on individual groups.

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Community Groups

Community Groups gather with 10-70 people of different ages and different stages of life and usually meet in public settings throughout the Niagara Region. Anyone is welcome to join at any time. Community groups meet at different times of the week and generally meet every week, depending on the group. If you are looking for a way to connect to Central and others in your area, a Community Group is a great start.

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Support Groups

Support Groups focus on a specific area of growth or healing in your spiritual journey. Based on a particular topic, these groups run for 8-12 weeks and are usually offered a few times a year. These groups include programs like GriefShare or our Freedom Program.

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Interest Groups

Interest Groups are made up of people who have the same common interest. These groups vary in the number of people and frequency of meetings depending on the activity. Anyone is welcome to join at any time. Some examples include writers collective, hiking, fishing, biking, and knitting.

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Online Groups

Are you wanting to connect with others but not up for meeting in person? Online Groups come to YOU via Zoom every week! We offer Online Groups throughout the week for those not able to attend a group in person. This could include groups like our Tuesday Morning Prayer, Writer’s Collective and even small groups. Check out the list of available Online Groups below.

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Group Search

Use our Group Search tool to find a Group best suited to you and your needs. You can search by preferred location, meeting day and/or group type. Or, to view all the groups we have available, simply hit ‘View All’.

Right Now Media

We’ve given you free access to the biggest video Bible study library in the world. You are just a few clicks away from gaining access to a huge library of discipleship content for pastors, leaders, small groups, adults, students and kids. To serve you and your group with content that meets your needs in the best possible way, click the link below to register for your free account.

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Get Connected

If you would like to start a group, or get some personal help with finding a group that works for you – please don’t hesitate to contact us!