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The Wait is Over

Ten years ago, God challenged Pastor Bill by planting a deep seed into his heart that would impact the future of this church and community. This seed grew into a strong vision… one that would require years of watering and nurturing… by way of prayer, planning, preparation, and passion. Today we realize that everything that has gone into this moment is for one purpose: so that we can be part of seeing more people than ever before reached even more effectively for the Kingdom of God.

This past Sunday evening, we were able to gather at the Townhall meeting and celebrate God’s amazing goodness in helping us obtain our site plan approval. We also had the opportunity to see some of the current renderings for what our new space will look like, and dream together of ways we could utilize this multi-purpose building for our community and God’s Kingdom.

EXTERIOR | Through years of much collective thought and input, we have designed a building that we feel reflects Niagara and the vibrant community that surrounds us. If the look reminds you of the Meridian Credit Union, or one of the many wineries in the area, you’re not far off. Our aim is to create a space that reflects the dynamic life of our church, while being functional, familiar and inviting. We believe this design accomplishes just that!

LOBBY | We know that a lobby is a vital part of any building that serves people!  We want to create an unmistakably welcoming atmosphere, where people from all over will gather and feel at home. This is a space where life changing conversations will happen, and meaningful relationships will be formed… making it crucial that this area be spacious, welcoming and inspirational. Our lobby must also be able to accommodate the many different uses that this building will offer. From being used for church on a Sunday, to a conference on a Saturday, a Sporting Event during the week, or a gathering area to catch up with friends at the Cafe, we want this area to say “Welcome.. we’re so glad you came.”

AUDITORIUM | After hearing the strong desire of many in our church family for a gym, and feeling the responsibility of being good stewards, we have designed this space to accommodate both objectives. This plan is our way of using our building wisely, to better reach our community in the creative ways. This design will allow us not only to accommodate the hundreds of people that will show up for a Sunday Experience, but also to host a variety of events during the week, opening the door to us having an even greater impact on our community and the next generation.


We believe more than ever, that our church family is looking to get involved in what God is doing in this process!  Here are a few tangible ways to do just that:

  • PRAY | It seems simple to say, but we simply cannot underestimate the power in prayer. If this project seems so overwhelming that you just don’t know what to pray for, let us offer you 3 simple prayer requests to keep in mind:
    1. That lives are transformed by God’s power in this space as we broaden our reach
    2. That we gain favour in our community by creating an invitational place to gather
    3. That the building process will go smoothly in terms of timeline, safety and finances
  • GIVE | We believe this project is worth every consideration we can invest; because this project represents reaching people! Realistically, it takes financial commitment from our community for a project such as this. If you would like to contribute financially to this project, either for the first time, or on an ongoing basis, head to and select “Future Forward” fund. If you would like to extend or create a pledge, please email
  • GET INVOLVED | We know some of you want to get in on the action and get your hands dirty, however, during this process, we are leaving this stage of the building to the professionals. That being said, we DO need your help more now than ever to build up and into the community we are serving. We need you to go out and ‘be the church’ here in Niagara. We encourage you to take a moment right now to pray about this, and ask God what he needs you to do in this moment, and if you need a few starting points, here is just a few suggestions from us:
    • Life Groups: If you’re not in a Life group, join one. If you’re in a life group that’s getting too big, lead a new one. If you have an interest you think others in our community might share, start an interest group. Do life with people—this is what community is all about!
    • Volunteer: Welcome people at the doors, impact children’s lives through CentralKids, become a mentor to the next generation. YOU have unique gifts and they are meant to be shared! If you need help finding where you can best serve, try attending one of the Next Steps classes on the first Sunday of every month.
    • Invite: Not just to church, but invite people into your lives. Offer to pick someone up, take them out for coffee, or invite them over for dinner. Let’s be known as a church that invites people into our lives and walks with people in our community through the ups and downs of life.
    • Innovate: Like we emphasized last Sunday, this building will be a huge operation, with many new opportunities flowing out of it! If you have a Kingdom-building idea, or a way to generate revenue, we would love to hear it !You can do this by emailing your ideas to

Again, thank you so much for your continued support of Central Community Church. If you have any questions regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact us directly

Your Executive Team,

  • Bill Markham, Ashley Berti, Justin Driedger, Jonathan Gallo & Paul Robertson