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Week of Prayer – Day 4

Thursday, April 18th – Day 4

Key Verse | Luke 24:44

When was the last time you really got excited about something? One of the many things that Spring brings is hockey playoffs. While that may not sound exciting to some people, for many of us it is an exciting time! The moment your favourite team clinches a playoff spot sparks a party. A goal to win a game can send a crowd of thousands into a wave of excitement! It is exciting to win, to see a season of hard work culminate in a moment of joy.

Yet, when was the last time you felt that way about Easter? During the story of Jesus’ resurrection, we encounter two guys walking to a village called Emmaus. While on this journey they are unknowingly met by Jesus. They began a discussion of the events of His death.

It is evident that these two were mourning what they thought was the end of the story of Jesus. He was, in their eyes, a prophet, powerful in word and deed, but nothing more. They were amazed by early reports that Jesus’ body was not in the tomb. But, this amazement was clearly not enough to make them return to Jerusalem. It seems more of a passing curiosity to them.

Jesus calls out their foolishness at being slow to believe everything that had happened. He then goes through a detailed review of everything the Bible said about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that conversation! To have Jesus detail all the things that leave most of us confused about the Bible would have been reason to get excited.

At the end of Jesus’ explanation these two talk of our their hearts burned within them as Jesus opened the Scriptures to them. As we head into Easter weekend does your heart burn within you? Do you understand everything that happened to Jesus? Do you understand what that means for you?

Jesus, in appearing to the other disciples shortly after this story, greets them saying peace be with you. That same peace is available to you. Peace knowing that Jesus already paid the price for your sins. Peace knowing that God does fulfill his promises. Peace knowing that you can live a life that truly matters.