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Week of Prayer – Day 3

Wednesday, April 17th – Day 3

When I was a kid my sisters and I would constantly get in trouble whenever we were left alone. Stealing toys, name calling, putting makeup on each other or ripping heads off of barbies – it always ended up the same. No matter the crime, someone got in big trouble. The best part of these events was when you weren’t the one who was in trouble even though you participated in the crime.

Unfortunately it rarely happened to me, but when it did my thoughts we always the same.
“Oh boy, my sisters are in so much trouble!”
“What they did was so bad!”

That may be a normal way of thinking when you’re the one who isn’t in trouble, but what’s crazy is that I was in their place just a few days before. Committing a crime that was just as bad and just has hurtful.

It’s amazing how we justify our own mistakes but elevate others mistakes. Our baggage isn’t as bad as theirs. My bumps in the road aren’t as big as someone else’s.

There is a scene in the crucifixion story that for years I have read but passed over because it’s so simple. Yet it’s so powerful.

It’s found in all four gospels but I want to focus on Mark 15-6-15.

It’s the story of Barabbas.

Here is a guilty man who has committed robbery and murder, awaiting his death via crucifixion. There is no reason why he should receive any compassion or mercy because he showed no remorse. He did what he did and was guilty and his punishment was just.

Yet without even knowing or doing anything he was given a free gift of freedom through the life of Jesus. Just like that, he went from the bondage of sin to freedom, from guilty to free, simply because someone was willing to take his place.

We don’t naturally put ourselves in Barabbas’ place because we aren’t “that bad”. Our mistakes aren’t the same. “We don’t…”, “I don’t…”, “my baggage isn’t…”, etc.

And yet Paul the apostle reminds us in the book of Romans that we have all fallen short and have all made mistakes. We all need a saviour. We all need someone can set us free from our chains.

Today I pray that we are reminded that, no matter the mistake, what Jesus did on the cross is for us. His actions gave us an open door to walk through.

1- Thank God for His grace and mercy on our lives
2- Pray for those who have yet received his gift of freedom.