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Ending a Group Well

No matter what kind of group, a time will come when your season of leadership or meeting together is over. It’s up to the group leader to work with their area pastor and group members to make a plan for finishing strong.

Prayer: The Privilege and Responsibility of Every Leader

When we’re called upon to pray for others on a team and in groups, whether a midsized, a home group, or even a special interest group, the following principles and tips help us create an authentic, meaningful experience. 

The Life Cycle of a Group

Every group, whether a team, a small group or a community group, develops over a period of time, formulating its unique identity and personality. Each group goes through phases of development or stages of “growing up”. What phase is your group in?

Our First Christmas as Adoptive Parents – Jennifer Pelissero

If you are a new adoptive family already experiencing that hustle and bustle—and trauma—of this season, don’t lose hope. We know how badly you will want to have the perfect Christmas in an attempt to right the wrongs in your child’s life. So, here are a few things we’ve learned over the years that might help you navigate Christmas as an adoptive family.

Making the Most of Your Group’s Christmas Holiday Break

It can be healthy for your group to break for two to eight weeks over the Christmas holidays, but how can we help our group’s relational momentum to not stall out or to stumble into the end of the year? If we’re intentional about it, December can be one of the best times of the year to build relationships in our groups. 

Why We Track Attendance

One responsibility of a group leader is to ensure a meeting summary is filled out online after group gathering. Why is this two-minute task so important?

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