21 Days of Prayer | Day 20

Imagine you were just fired from your Job! In the wake of this event, all these feelings of rejection, failure and hopelessness begin to surround you. You keep playing over scenarios in your head of how things could or should have been different. Amidst the stress and the heartache, you miss an email in your inbox from an old friend. Your friend just happened to reach out because he wanted you to work with him and it’s your dream job. In the process of being blinded by the situation at hand, you are unable to see the opportunity that lay before you. You miss the email because you aren’t looking for it.

There have been moments of deep hard ache in my life when I am not sure where to go. My default in these moments is to jump to the worst-case scenario and to seek an easy way out. The story of the resurrection in John chapter 20 shows us there is another way to see life’s moments of tragedy, despair and even death. In these moments, we can seek resurrected life.

In John chapter 20 Mary Magdalene finds Jesus’ tomb empty and, in her despair, she assumes His body has been stolen. Jesus stands before her and asks her why she is crying, and she still doesn’t recognize it’s Him. In the middle of tragedy and hardship we can become blind to the resurrection potential that is standing right before us.

It is interesting that it is when Jesus simply speaks her name that she realizes it him standing before her. Sometimes, God calls out our name to get our attention so that we can see the resurrection that awaits us.

Jesus gave His disciples many hints that He was going to be raised from the dead (Mt.16:21, John 10:17-18, Mt. 27:62-64) so why were they not expecting it? I think it’s because when trials and tragedy come, we need the voice of God to remind us of His ability to bring dead things back to life (Rm. 6:8)

• What is something that is distracting you from seeing God’s potential?

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