21 Days of Prayer | Day 13

Have you felt the inhale of fresh purifying air? Not that type of air that has been artificially purified by air additives or mechanical means. Authentic, natural, pure, fresh air that you find after a long hike on the top of a mountain. The type of fresh air that you find walking by the sea.

Can you see the disciples here breathing that type of air? A breath of pure, fresh, rejuvenating, and energizing love.

The one who knew who He was – the eternal creator, sustainer, and giver of life, who had shown His love by humbly becoming human – humbled Himself once more. He takes the position of lowest human imagination. He takes the position of the one oppressed and enslaved. He exposes Himself in a vulnerable way and begins to clean the dirt and grime off of the dirtiest parts of those who are there. He even cleans the one He knows will betray Him and the one who would deny Him later.

It’s as if He is saying, “I come to clean the dirtiest, hurting, exposed, broken, rejected part of you. It doesn’t matter if you reject me, use me, forget me or deny me. I will do what it takes to become what you need for you to breathe in fresh love. As you receive my love, you will have some to give away to others.”

So here we are. We have a chance to breathe. To receive love and acceptance. To allow Jesus to come into our weakness and difficult moments, and become the hurt and pain for us. As we inhale His love and exhale the hurt, He inhales our hurt and exhales His love. As we do, we have the capacity to become to others who He has been to us. To “Love each other. Just as I have loved you…”(v.34).

• What do you need love to heal in you?

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