21 Days of Prayer | Day 12

I love gardening in the summer time. It’s one of my passions in life. I love every part of the process. From the mixing of the soil to planting the seed, to seeing it grow; I love it all. However, there is still something about seeing a plant that you planted grow, that is simply unbelievable.

Jesus speaks a lot about planting and growing seed, and we see another example of it again in the book of John. However, this time it’s coming from a different angle. In John 12:24-26 Jesus speaks about a kernel of wheat being planted and dying in order to produce new kernels. Not only does He say it, but He demonstrates it in the weeks to come with His own death and resurrection. Jesus then includes all of us in the mix as well and gives us a deep explanation of what He’s trying to say.

When a seed is on its own, it’s alive, but only for itself. It doesn’t produce anything else until it is planted and allows the process of producing a harvest to begin. This example is just like us. If we care too much about our own lives and aren’t willing to lose (or plant) it, then we will live a life that is only for us. However, if we are willing to lose our life and surrender it to God, He will turn our lives into something truly amazing. A plentiful harvest of new lives.

It’s all about serving Jesus and being willing to follow Him, no matter what the cost.


• What’s holding you back from fully surrendering to God?

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